What is a behaviour consultation?

A consultation with me will usually be run as a 2-hour house visit to you. Initially, I will ask you lots of questions to allow me to establish the learning factors that are important in the development of your pet's behaviour problem.

I will discuss the development of the problem with you as well as the best way of treating the problem(s). Treating the problem is likely to involve changes in the way you manage and interact with your pet. Positive reinforcement with food, toys and attention will be key.

A written report summarising the consultation will be sent out to you and your vet 1-2 weeks later.

Initial consultation: £200-£300

What happens after the consultation?

I will give you as much follow-up help/support as you need to help you understand and change your pet's behaviour, following on from the written treatment plan.

30-minute follow-up call: £25

60-minute follow-up house visit: £75-125

Ready to book a behaviour consultation?

Visit the Contact Me page, request a behaviour consultation and give me some basic details.

I will then ask for a deposit. My BACS details are 51266888 40 06 32.

I will then contact your vet for any medical notes and send you a questionnaire.

Need more information?

Email me at vetpower@btinternet.com or visit the Contact Me page to ask any questions.