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Behaviour medicine is unlike any other aspect of veterinary medicine; there are people with all sorts of qualifications involved and owners themselves have varying opinions on their pet's behaviour. I would like to work with you and your team to help improve the understanding of vets and clients around pet behaviour problems.

I would like to visit your practice to meet you and the team and let you know about me and my approach and what happens in a behaviour consultation. If your team know me, understand the benefits and know my approximate fees, this might help an owner choose referral to me at an early stage.

I want to make referral as easy as possible, so you can give interested clients my website details, and if/when they are ready, I will then contact you for any clinical notes. I would normally send you a copy of the behaviour treatment plan 2 weeks after a behaviour consultation.

I can help the practice team use behaviour in your practice, whether that's to set up puppy parties, take a more behavioural approach in consultations, start desensitisation at the practice, etc. I can design specific seminars/tutorials for your staff and deliver these according to your needs. If anyone in the team has a general question about behaviour, they can contact me.

What you might expect from my behaviour service:

- I will contact any client making contact for the first time within 24-48 hours

- I will chase up contact by email, then by phone

- I will encourage all clients to opt for follow-up

- I will stay in contact with you and look forward to hearing from you with queries and feedback about cases